The Hazards of a Leaky Roof


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September 4, 2020

Not fixing a leaky roof could cost you more than you think-- and not just in cash. Water damage from a leaking roof can be hazardous to your health and safety, as well as causing major (and expensive) damage your home itself.


Health & Safety Hazards of a Leaking Roof

One of the most serious potential results of a leaky roof is the growth of mold, which thrives in moist environments. Water that leaks in through the roof can make its way to your home’s walls, carpeting, heating/ air conditioning system, and elsewhere throughout the home -- creating a haven for mold growth.

This mold can create a host of health problems, especially for those with asthma or other respiratory conditions.It's also difficult and expensive to get rid of once it has gained a foothold.


Ironically, a leaking roof can also create a fire hazard. If water drips onto the electrical wiring in your attic,the wiring could short out and start a fire. If the roof develops a leak in an area where there's electrical wiring, be sure to have an electrician evaluate it quickly, rather than touching the wires yourself.


Roof Leaks Can Result in Damage to Your Home

Any items stored in an area of a roof leak are subject to damage. All those mementos and family treasures stored in the attic could be destroyed by even a small leak.

Even if there is no attic, as the leak continues to get larger, it will damage the home’s ceilings- causing the drywall to discolor and get soft.


When water penetrates the roof, sometimes it drips straight down. Just as often, though, it enters in one place and runs down the roof decking, then down the framing all the way to the floor. Over time, the moisture on the wood can cause wood rot and weaken the structure of the home. It can also damage carpeting, wall coverings, and furnishings.


There are lots of repairs around the house that can be put off until a little later- for instance, a towel bar that needs to be reattached or a window screen that needs to be repaired. But because a roof leak can cause major damage to your house and even your health, it needs to be taken care of quickly.


Make sure you call a reputable roofing company at the first sign of a leak to schedule a professional inspection and evaluation of your home's roof.


Getting your roof fixed at the first sign of trouble can prevent it from turning into a major expense or a hazard to your family's health.




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