4 Exterior Renovation Projects to Complement Your Roof


Todd Gillman, Innovative Building Materials

September 20, 2021

1. Roof Updates

If your roof isn’t updated yet, then it’s definitely time to consider that. You can add on the ever-popular synthetic slate roof to give a breath of fresh air to the home. This roofing material is eco-friendly, offers a natural texture without added weight, and has the industry’s highest impact rating possible. This natural slate look gives your home an updated, sophisticated look while offering top-quality protection from the elements and fire hazards.

2. Update Your Porch

The porch of your home offers the first impression and welcome to your guests. What does your porch currently say to visitors? If you don’t like the impression, it’s time to change it up! One way to do that is by adding in different posts on the porch. With these porch post ideas, you can totally update the entire look without breaking the bank. You can choose from traditional wood posts, vinyl porch options, treated wood, or even aluminum posts. From basic vertical beams to more elaborate stately design options, your imagination is the only limit. 

Changing up the posts on the porch, adding a new coat of paint, and changing out the furniture options can help you freshen up the entire welcome of your home. These are small renovations that can make a huge impact on the home.


3. Add A Pergola

Did you know that you can build your own pergola? You absolutely can! These options are a great way to accentuate that updated roof you put on the home. Pergolas offer a fresh look, shade, and new area to the home without a lot of investment. You can choose from a wide range of ideas using a build-your-own kit. 

You’ll need someone to assist you, a few tools, and the ability to lift at least 80 pounds in the process. Adding a pergola might take you a couple of days but you’re going to love the look it brings. The options for you to use are varied and you can fit it to any color roof or home you have already.

4. Install New Siding

Another great idea to complement your new roof is to install new siding on the home as well. There are so many options available, it may be hard to choose! That’s why you should consider what you want from the siding you install. Do you want a traditional wood look such as a log cabin? Are you going for a more sophisticated Victorian style? What about steel plank siding

Siding can bring around many benefits to your home. For example, gone are the days of having to paint every few years to bring life back to the home. Siding is very low-maintenance and provides a beautiful aesthetic. 

Steel plank siding brings a plethora of benefits alone such as excellent fire ratings, high weather resistance, and durability that is built to last. You’ll also love the various color options that will be sure to complement the entire look of the home.



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