Roofing Maintenance Checklist


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August 28, 2020

Your home is likely your most important and expensive investment. It’s important to protect your asset, starting with the roof. Roofing experts recommend regular inspection of your roof, which depending on your climate, should be a minimum of once a year and as frequently as every three months.


Problems can occur at any time and it’s best to take care of them as soon as possible.


Things to look for:


Overgrown Trees

Overgrown trees can cause a lot of problems with your roof. They can scratch it, gouge it, and even fall onto your roof.They can puncture, scratch, and make holes in your roof. The falling leaves can also clog up your gutter causing water to back up and run down the fascia causing mold buildup and other problems. Any low hanging tree branches should be removed and cut enough that they are not close enough to your home to drop their leaves in the gutter or touch your roof.



If you have black discoloring on your roof it is more than likely algae, fungus or worse, mold. If you live in a humid area or have humid times of the year this is a danger. The mold can eat away at the roofing material and eventually lead to leaking. Plus, the discoloration is unsightly. By trimming the trees around your home, you can provide direct sunlight which is a natural way to repel the growth of algae, fungus, or mold.You can also have zinc strips installed after you've cleaned and scrubbed the roof, which will create zinc oxide during rain which will slow the growth of these deteriorating conditions.



If you see shingles that are flapping in the breeze or actually missing, it's important to get this repaired immediately. The problem will only get worse and cost more if you don't fix it right away. Fixing a few shingles, yourself is not difficult, just pull it off carefully and put a new one in place. If you have a tile roof it might be best to hire someone to do it for you.


If you do at least an inspection each spring, and after any major weather event then you can keep on top of any problems before they become larger headaches. Keep diligent about your most important investment and it will be in good repair for a lifetime.



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